PODS (Portable Outdoor Distribution Stations)

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PODS (Portable Outdoor Distribution Stations)

PODS Product Range
Maximum Rating Maximum Voltage Maximum BIL
15 MVA 145 kV 650 kV BIL

PTI Transformers designs and manufactures portable outdoor distribution stations (PODS) in

standard sizes up to 15MVA & 145kV.

PODS allow customers to save significant costs and lead-time in comparison to building a conventional distribution substation. The unique design offers customers a completely tamper-resistant deadfront substation with a minimal footprint and substantially reduced ground grid. It is safe to the public and has improved aesthetics, reducing or eliminating the need for fencing and extensive overhead structures.

PODS are custom designed to the customer’s requirements and can include typical substation features such as:

  • Power transformer with de-energized or on-load regulation, manufactured and tested to industry standards
  • Primary overhead mast with standoff insulators and lightning arresters that are connected to the customer’s primary protection
  • Station service transformer
  • Substation lighting
  • Secondary distribution feeders (reclosers, switchgear)
  • Grounded platform for operator access to all components
  • Automated controls, SCADA, IEC 61850 communications, data concentrators and HMI

At 15MVA, the integrated modular concept ships fully tested and assembled on a standard trailer eliminating costs associated with on-site substation planning, site work, assembly, interconnection, oil processing, and testing. Primary protection can utilize HV fuses and consequently primary CTs and DC power supplies are not necessary for primary circuit breaker control, further reducing substation costs.


PODS are designed to be maintenance free. Reliability is improved because the station has no live parts exposed to the environment or wildlife. Protective monitoring equipment is supplied for local inspection. However, PTI can add communication to provide remote monitoring or adding the station to an existing SCADA system.

Insulating fluid can be mineral oil, synthetic or ester based and containment can also be designed and integrated directly into the PODS solution.

Typical substations can take upwards of two years to develop, design, purchase materials, construct, and commission. PODS will not only save significant costs, but can also be designed, manufactured, shipped and installed in less than one year after receipt of order.


  • PODS provide a compact, easy to install assembly of functionally equivalent and legacy substation components.
  • Product is unique as it is safe to the touch while operating at voltages up to 145,000 Volts and 15MVA in capacity.
  • Modular convenience allows customized equipment configuration and expandability
  • Substantially reduces size, cost, land requirements, complexity, construction engineering, on-site installation, commissioning time and environmental impact compared to conventional substation designs.
  • Reduces the demands placed on customers’ increasingly skilled but scarce, technical and construction resources.
  • Addresses the many skills shortage issues currently facing North American utilities and industrials.
  • Enhances utility and industrial providers’ ability to supply/service new demands for electricity and/or infrastructure replacement.
  • Improves serviceability and ease of use and is compatible with remote communications.
  • Incorporates a plug and play approach with fast turnkey handover provisions back to the utility/ industrial customer.
  • Roll on, roll off portability is key for emergency or temporary power requirements
  • Improves public perception and acceptance by providing a neat and compact low profile solution rather than undesirable exposed wood and steel structures in a fenced compound.
  • Can be installed within existing right of ways close to existing loads (saving line costs) or as a dedicated service to a large existing load freeing up the capacity of existing lines.

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