High Voltage Padmount Transformers HVPTTM

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High Voltage Padmount Transformers HVPTTM

HVPTTM Product Range

Maximum Rating Primary Voltage Secondary Voltage
20 MVA Up to 138 kV 5 to 35 kV

PTI Transformers designs and manufactures HV padmount transformers for use in a High Voltage Padmount Transformer Station (HVPTTM Station) in standard sizes up to 20MVA at 138kV and suitable for a number of applications. The deadfront, tamper-resistant protected high-voltage connections significantly reduce the footprint compared to traditional substation-style transformers, while still manufactured and tested to the same standards. The HVPTTM and HVPTTM Station solution has many advantages and can be used for numerous applications including:

  • Substation replacement
  • Direct Customer Service
  • Existing Station Support
  • Power Factor correction
  • Urban Developments – NIMBY Factor
  1. Substation Replacement

Many utilities in North American are facing the inevitable task of replacing old wood pole substations. The solution is very difficult for utilities since most are under pressure to reduce capital spending all the while trying to maintain a high standard of reliability. The HVPTTM Station can save considerable costs and increases system reliability.

  1. Direct Customer Service

The HVPTTM Station can be used to direct connect a customer to nearby sub-transmission lines up to 138kV. This reduces the cost compared to adding a new feeder back at the nearest substation.

  1. Existing Station Support

Load growth can be difficult to predict. It can also occur faster than the most accurate forecasting methods. Traditional substation design can take upwards of 2 years to implement a solution. The HVPTTM Station with its HV padmount transformer can be deployed quickly to support growth as it occurs. The solution is modular by nature whereby you only add the amount of MVA required when it is needed.

  1. Power Factor Correction

The HV padmount can be deployed along with metal clad capacitors to provide voltage support on sagging system voltages up to 138kV. This is an effective cost alternative to building a new transmission line into the area.

  1. Urban Developments

No one wants a substation in his or her backyard. Traditional designs must plan for future growth, substation size and have live exposed structures surrounded with high barbed wire fences to keep the public safe. Unfortunately this takes a drastic toll on the size and aesthetics of a new urban development. People are paying a lot of money for pristine lots and want to enjoy the natural beauty of their neighborhood. The HVPTTM Station solution will always win the vote at town hall meetings.


  • Small station footprint and smaller ground grids
  • Low noise and high efficiency applications
  • Environmentally friendly fluids, ester and synthetic based are available
  • Modular convenience, that can grow as the load (development) grows, without risking initial and costly investments for planned and future growth that may not even occur
  • Low profile, compact
  • Low maintenance
  • Safe to the public
  • Attractive installation
  • Installation closer to existing loads, saving line loss costs


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